5 stunningly beautiful Church websites

In this time of internet, a growing number of Church websites have arrived. It has proven to be a useful tool for Curches to reach their followers, help them grow, and most importantly to spread the word of God. Thousands of Church websites can be found all across the web, which are houses where people, from all walks of life, can find information, peace, and healing. To help you with inspiration and find your place in the house of God, or maybe even to build your own community, we have composed a list of 5 stunningly beautiful Church websites.

shutterstock_350846264MCC promotes a God loving and diverse society

MCC also created japanwebpagecontest.org.uk which is a site that strives to benefit the education of children. To introduce them to very different cultures from an early age, like for example the Japanese. This openness is what MCC stands for, as we believe that a Church is a home for all of God’s children. And together, with the assistance of modern day technology, we can build a large community of many different kinds of people. Which will support the creation of a loving society, to do without discrimination, promote diversity, and the education and commitment of youth.

Church websites spread love, diversity and God’s word

There are many Church websites to be found and communities to join, we have no favourites, as they are all beautiful. Like these five examples from across the globe: Check out a community of missionary apostle’s at www.evfreefullerton.com. A beautiful family Church in the UK: www.readingfamilychurch.co.uk. Or Cornerstone Community Church, where they value the bottom line issues of Christianity while following a nontraditional path. go2cornerstone.com. Long Hollow is a family of believers that meets all around the area of Nashville at different places: www.longhollow.com. Or find inspiration and peace at Hillsong Church, which is part of a larger Australian community: www.hillsong.com