A Progressive Interpretation of the Bible.

A Progressive Interpretation of the Bible.The Bible and the words and scriptures in it have been interpreted differently by different religious groups, different ethnic groups and different people from different times. One difficult and subjective question that is raised by the scriptures pertains to whether or not two people of the same sex can live together and love each other with the blessing of God. The answer to this question depends on one’s interpretation of the word of God. There are two contradictory interpretations and perspectives, one affirming the love of two gay people and one rejecting it. This article aims to highlight some evidence that the Bible is not necessarily anti-gay and that gay marriage and love is condoned and welcomed in the kingdom and house of God.

Firstly, many people are led to believe that the Bible as a whole is filled with anti homosexuality passages and that the undertone is carried throughout the Bible, however, in reality, there are only 6 passages that shed a negative and unwelcoming light on homosexuality. These passages do not acknowledge or reflect in the slightest progressive 21st century happy, healthy and genuine relationships.

Many of these negative passages and those that have been argued to allude to the condemning of homosexuals and homosexual relationships are nothing more than passages that have been interpreted in prejudice. Many people’s predetermined views, opinions, and prejudice will impact their reading and interpretation of passages and scriptures. Those with different, clear and unclouded minds may read and interpret these passages differently.

Those same people with clear minds may also find certain passages worth noting that highlight and celebrate a level of homosexuality. For example, Jesus acknowledges that some are born gay when he refers to “eunuchs who have been so from birth.” This phrase (“born eunuchs”) is a term in the ancient world that refers to homosexual men. This then means that Jesus states and believes that being born gay or “eunuch” is a gift from God himself.