Church Summits

Church SummitsTree of Life is fortunate enough to be part of a large network of like minded Churches, individuals and organizations. In order to strengthen, enlarge and develop this network, MCC hosts different Church Summits. Church Summits aim to gather different local MCC leaders and to connect them in order to promote knowledge sharing. The summits offer an opportunity to see what other churches are doing, what their successes and weaknesses are, the programs they are offering and to leverage these other churches for inspiration and motivation. In addition, the summits help create a sense of unity and community.

The Church summits are run by MCC Elders, who provide wisdom, experience and results. The Elders are passionate about helping MCC churches grow and reach their full potential. This means inspiring spiritual, financial, physical, relational and programming growth. There are different summits with different goals and focuses. The Church Size Summit provides information, consultation and coaching to churches of all sizes.

The Programming Summit helps foster and encourage the development of programs and activities outside of Worship. The Worship Summit offers insight into different the best worship services possible and ways to enhance the overall experience. The Stewardship Summit aims to help improve the level of stewardship in the local church. These summits are tailored to meet your needs as a church and individual needs as well. The costs are minimal and the rewards are countless, the Summits are well organized and put together and MCC prides themselves on this fact.

In order to make the best use of limited resources, MCC has a relatively strict cancellation policy, in order to ensure the best turn out and experience for all at the Summits. To ensure the highest attendance, a count and inventory of registration numbers will be made three weeks prior to the date of the scheduled summit and a decision to move forward or cancel will be made at that time.