Digital Transformation of the Church

Digital Transformation of the ChurchTechnology is a tool that makes our large world reachable, and opens up a plethora of resources. Technology is used in almost every aspect of day to day life. Businesses and many societal institutions could and would not function without technology. The Church is no exception to this. The Church has undergone a transformation and now leverages the benefits and assistance of technology.

Churches have created websites, blogs, and social media platforms that allow interactive communication with members of the congregation on daily, weekly, monthly basis. Technology facilitates and creates a sense of community without the need for or dependency on physical proximity. Ongoing communication through technology helps the mission of the church. This is why Tree of Life MCC has created the Japan Web Page Contest, to connect users and members of the congregation on a global level.

This is a way that MCC is leveraging the fact that technology creates a sense of community. Prayers, words of support, knowledge and stories are all shared on online platforms through the church. This reaches a larger span of people and allows members of the church to know they are not alone. Networks are worldwide and members of the church can reach out to other members in other countries, which creates a larger community with a more diverse composition, helping eliminate and lessen discrimination and promote the engagement of youth as well.

Technology also enables discipleship, apps, websites and blogs give members of a congregation access to sermons, readings and discussions that they may have missed or want to revisit. There are many online and technological outlets that enhance discipleship. Technology and online transformation, is not the end goal. The aim and the end goal is to enable the church’s mission to make disciples of all people groups and to create a larger community worldwide and promote diversity.