Racial Reconciliation

Racial ReconciliationRace and racial discrimination are topics that have become increasingly controversial in today’s society. The Church as an institution has not done enough to acknowledge the injustices and sufferings of those who have fallen victim to racial discrimination. The Church and its community are founded on a “do unto others” foundation with forgiveness and kindness at the root of faith. For this reason, it is important that the Church be part of a discussion and movement towards a level of racial reconciliation.

Tree of Life MCC has been a welcoming church for people of every race, and offered a safe place to worship and practice one’s faith. This is one major step in racial reconciliation, however MCC recognizes there is still a long way to go and as such, has several programs to assist in moving forward in unity and peace. These programs are administered by the Racial Reconciliation Working Group. This is a group that is appointed within the Office of Emerging Ministries, and bridges the gap between traditional minority groups and the Church. The group is tasked with eliminating and diminishing the racism within the Church, specifically MCC. The group raises awareness and provides education and opportunities to come together as communities and as people of faith and change attitudes and mindsets.

Racial reconciliation is something that will take time and ultimately, patience. MCC wants to lead and pave the way for the Church to move forward. The Church as an institution will welcome everyone without judgement. Discussions surrounding topics such as “Black Lives Matter” are controversial but very important. These conversations should be addressed in a peaceful and respectful way, however the first step in moving forward is education and acknowledgement. MCC will move forward and will open its doors to those who want to talk, those who want to listen and will promote reconciliation so as to create a society that is colorblind.