Transgender Ministry

Program Overview

Transgender MinistryAn increase in Transgender ministries is a great step towards an inclusive and progressive church. Other MCC churches in the network have introduced a transformative ministry program which aims to provide a safe, informative environment with opportunities for activism, workshops and education. Ultimately, these programs aim to enhance and develop a non-conforming, inviting church that is sustainable and progressive. MCC offers a place for transgender and other non-conforming societal groups to be ministered and to attend service. These programs are important not only as a safe place, but as a benchmark for other ministries, religions and faiths.

Churches and religious sanctuaries need to integrate the non conforming members of society into their community so that they are no longer isolated and forced to practice their faith on their own. A diverse congregation offers different perspectives, cultures and interesting stories. Inviting and opening the doors to any and every one of God’s people is important, and transgender people face many struggles in their daily life that the church should be somewhere safe.

Transgender ministries and programs are a step in the right direction and MCC is proud to be at the forefront by offering programs such as Transformative Church Ministry. This program involves the meaningful intention and desire to educate members of the Church on transgender needs. The program focuses on education, activism and workshops.

The program lasts from 6 months to three years and will leave church members prepared to integrate and implement a transgender ministry in the longer term as well as advocate for these members of their family and community. The program involves first educating the parish through certifications that will leave them prepared to implement the ministry. This program is a benchmark and sets an example for other church communities to follow suit and to find it in their hearts to accept and welcome the non-conforming members of society into their churches and hearts and to understand that people are people and love is love.