Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC)

Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC)The Metropolitan Community Church community was founded in 1968 as a group of God’s followers recognized the hatred that existed and was developing in society. Eradicating issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism all became part of the MCC mandate. Since 1968, MCC has fought on the front line of the battle for equality and has advocated for same sex marriage, LGBT equality and acceptance of transgender and the expression of one’s individuality.

The MCC mission statement is as follows outlines the organization’s goal and aim to practice a faith anchored in the Gospel of Jesus while confronting and overcoming issues that exist in our dynamic and ever evolving society. The Church aims to equip and inform leaders and congregations to foster growth and acceptance worldwide.

In order to work towards a more progressive and open faith, MCC acts based on its core values. The first of these core values in inclusion, because love is a moral value that does and should not exclude anyone. God’s table should be open to anyone who chooses to join and celebrate in His works and in their own faith. The concept of community is another core value, whereby MCC aims to create a large, family dynamic.

Opening the door to the Church and the community is a way to enlarge and strengthen the community and to celebrate and spread God’s word. Another value at the root of the MCC’s mandate is spiritual transformation. Spiritual transformation is important in changing the perspective and mindset of the oppressive religious community. Opening and transforming people’s minds and hearts will ultimately transform the Church. Justice is the final core value of MCC, as they strive to resist the negative voices, structures and institutions imposed on society. MCC stands by those hurt and discriminated against by society. Giving people a voice will bring a sense of justice to the Church and to society.