Worship at Tree of Life MCC

diverse music and liturgical styleThe services at Tree of Life are on Sundays at 10:30 but Tree of Life, like many MCCs, organizes events, social gatherings and discussion groups sporadically. The style of the service and the worship is unique and inspiration is drawn from many different sources and many different religions. This includes diverse music and liturgical styles, however MCC typically follows the Christian calendar and mass usually takes place in a liturgical form. Communion is offered as well as non-alcoholic juice.

You do not have to be a member of our, or any, church to receive communion and you are welcome to serve yourself or others. Healing oil is offered at communion upon request as well. With that being said, despite Christian roots, in the spirit of inclusiveness, we welcome and celebrate other religions as well. Dress code is nonexistent and people are welcome and encouraged to dress in a way that is expressive of one’s self.

In order to be as inclusive as possible, Tree of Life and all MCCs choose to use inclusive language. This means that different analogies, metaphors and references will be used in order to make sure everyone feels welcome and included. It is important that the Divine be adequately represented by male, female and neutrally.

Becoming a member of MCC is as easy as taking a membership class and participating in a right of membership. This opens the door to the spiritual path of finding yourself, celebrate your beliefs and growing as an individual. Baptism is another way to enter our or any church and the religion as a whole. At the church everyone is baptized if they wish to be baptized, no matter the age, gender or sexual orientation.

MCC also offers services and gatherings that include social discussions after worship, bible study and other religious/informative classes, holy unions, and various social events.