Youth Ministries

Youth MinistriesYouth are a crucial demographic in any community and the church is no exception. Youth are the present and the future and will determine the success and nature of our communities. Youth are motivated, determined, passionate and have strong opinions. Within the church, youth play an important role and are important members. Youth ministries are a good way to get youth involved and engaged in the Church and in touch with their faith.

It is important to view these ministries as a group of disciples and not as a meeting or a group of individuals. These ministries are more than meetings, they are gatherings that mould and shape youth and the view of the Church and of the world. Leading youth towards a strong faith and a life with God is important. This starts with education, that happen within youth ministries in the form of lessons, workshops and retreats. MCC recognizes the importance of youth and of youth ministries and offers programs and resources to children and youth from the age of 6 months to 17 years.

Child and youth ministries are also a way to reach outside of the congregation and engage youth. Youth ministry isn’t just about teaching and promoting youth to connect with their faith and religion, but also about helping them develop themselves as individuals and gain confidence, develop transferable skills and find a sense of worth and see the value they add to their communities. Youth ministries create an important network as well.

Youth ministries exist in many forms. MCC, for example, has everything from Sunday School to Vocational Bible School as well as DVDs and other at home resources. Offering youth different ways to get involves will allow you to cater to a more diverse group and will encourage youth to get involved at their own pace and in their own way that interests them.